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Houston & Wal-mart stepping up

I am so proud to be from Houston and Wal-Mart right now .I am seeing so many people stepping up and helping out where needed without hesitation .It is truly awesome .We are more then willing to take all that Louisianna has on our shoulders to help out anyway we can.I know Wal-mart has donated a million dollars to the Red Cross and we are raising money at every store in the company for this .We also today donated alot of supplies and that is not the end .If anyone is wanting to give but does not know how or where,get with your local wal-mart store .All money being donated is going to the American Red Cross.If you are wanting to give a large amount and do not feel comfortable leaving it in the jars ( I would not suggest doing that ) You can go to the service desk and they will get an associate from acounting for you so that you can give them your donation and know it is in good hands.Thank you Houston and Thank you Wal-Mart Inc.

Here is a link to the local news site that gives a list of shelters still availabe and emergency phone numbers for those needing medical attention .

Shelter Help link ( click me )


August 31, 2005 at 10:01 pm 7 comments

My prayers are with you !!!!

For all of you that are affected by this horrible ,horrible storm ….

My thoughts and prayers are with you …

God Bless you all !!

I have a friend that lives in Stewart Mississippi that I have not heard from .I am trusting that God is taking care of them but I am also asking for them to be lifted up in prayer 🙂 Thank you all in advance .

August 30, 2005 at 7:18 pm 4 comments

” Wow ,I had no idea some kids are tortured like that .”

Me :”So lil one what would you like as a reward for doing your chores?”

lil one:”um,let me see,what would I like……Swimming ? ”

Gup: ” You can not swim in the winter so that will not work .Plus going some where every week will not always be possible so you need to think of something else .”

Me:”well do you not care if you get money ?Because your mom offers you $7.oo a week to do 7 things and you said you have only ever done three of them and that was once so what is the deal with that ?”

lil one:” Well it IS kind of cheap .”

Me:” (with a WTF look on my face ) “Cheap ?…Cheap ??Most kids your age get like a quarter a chore .When I was a kid I had to do chores and I did not get paid I just got grounded if I didn’t do them.I would say $7.00 is a really good price for doing seven chores for a 7 year old.”

lil one :” Wow ,I had no idea some kids are tortured like that .”

Where in the world does she come up with this ? Does anyone else out there have thier kids do chores?Do you reward them and how ?Do you punish them if they are not done?

She also has a list of daily responsibilities and rules that she must do or she gets either stood in the corner or grounded from favorite things .It is basically a daily routine with guidlines .Like backpack in your room ,clean up your area after eating , wash hands before eating and after using the potty and etc….

We are so undecided if chores should be totally optional to her and she just doesn’t get rewarded if not done, or if it should be not optional and she will get in trouble for NOT doing any .I really think she needs some reponsibility .She has sort of a spoiled princess mentality when it comes to doing chores basically and she needs to get out of that really .She is a great kid otherwise .I just feel it is our responsibility to teach her some responsibility .Her mother seems to lack quite a bit in this area .She tends to go from a very structured ,has rules,basic daily routine here .To a free- for- all at her moms house .She definately needs something stable and constant .Anyway I went off on a slight tangent there …lol

Any chore input would be wonderful 🙂

August 29, 2005 at 9:47 pm 9 comments

It’s someones BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!

Birthday Surprise Party
Ok we are going to pretend like I am posting this on Monday so totally ignore the date at the top here ok
I have to do this now because I have to work tomorrow and will not be home until the evening .I can not let the whole day go by without celebrating one of my very favorite bloggers 32nd birthday!

My wish for the day is that all of you that stop by here …Go wish Melissa(butterflyinjesus) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!As a gift( I just couldn’t get the car for ya ).Guppy has created a page dedicated just for her on her special day it is a homemade birthday card internet style 🙂 .You can view it here .
Birthday Banner
Have a great Monday everyone …….

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Nacho Supreme

Most of you that have been reading my blog for awhile know that I have changed my eating habits to omit ALOT of sodium from it due to me being on blood pressure meds .
Well by the results of my blood work I have been doing the right thing because my BP was awesome and my sodium intake was normal …Yeahhhhh!!!Anyway my new diet that I put myself on consists of NO pills …just healthier choices .It is a lot like the weight watchers diet in that you can have whatever you want you just have to do it in moderation.Well I absolutely love Mexican which is very high in sodium ….so in order to remain able to eat it I have to modify it a bit .So last night we were all wanting nachos so I decided to do a little modifying to suit my needs.It turned out SOOOOOOO yummy .I bought some portabella mushrooms and sauteed them in extra virgin olive oil …absolutely no spices at all, they have a great flavor of their own.I used that instead of meat and added tomato and avocado which is a veggie that is extremely low in sodium.It does have fat but it is the good fat.A very little bit of refried beans just enough to get the stuff to stick to the chips and a little bit of cheese ( this is were I splurged a little …most cheese is high in sodium ) and sour cream on top …mmmmmmmmmm I strongly suggest anyone trying this recipe it was truly fantastic and I will be eating this one again …probably for lunch today 🙂

August 28, 2005 at 9:50 am 18 comments

New alarm clock ?

I woke up this morning to the sound of KKKRRRRKKKRRRRRKKRRRRR right outside my window.
I was like what in the world and then it dawned on me .It was a hot air balloon right above the roof .We were all suppose to go watch the hot air balloons launch for Ballunar Fest but ,I being the non- morning person that I am, was so tired and opted to stay sleeping rather than go 😦 I regret that desicion now but at the time it seemed the best one I Got dressed real fast and went outside .Man this thing was like barely above the trees .It was very cool .They were so low you could holler up to them and talk probably .I called Gup on the cell and he was on his way home but they kept stopping .Apparently if you go up to the balloons that have landed in all the different spots they give you trading cards .Lil one was SO excited .She was saying ” this is the best day of my life ” ..Wow I think she really likes going and checking out the balloons with her daddy every year.She came home and showed off her cards …she was so proud ,it was cute .She now has something to put in her new little pink purse.

If you want to see some more cool balloon pics go check out Gup’s page.

August 27, 2005 at 9:47 am 12 comments

Joyce Meyer

I love listening to Joyce Meyer.I love the way she will just tell you like it is .She definately does NOT sugar coat what she is trying to get across to you at all .She is so inspirational to me .I like to listen to her in the morning while Gup is in the shower and I am doing my makeup .He is not as fond of her as I am ,so that is why I listen to her while he is doing other things .I listened to one of her “sermons” today that was just awesome .I called my mom and was talking about what she had said and how true it was and on and on .Well my mom missed it and I was thinking …’you know, they gave a website. I wonder if they have the sermons uplaoded to the website for viewing’ ( I just recently realized that my own church website offers that as well ) .
Well I went there and they DO offer the sermons …I was like yeahhhhhh!!! I felt like I hit the jackpot and thought I would share the links with you guys 🙂
I also thought that her work in Africa was interesting so I am posting a link to it also for those of you that might want to go check that.I know my MIL has a soft spot for those over in Africa .Actually she has mentioned wanting to join the Peace Corp after visiting Africa .I think if it wasn’t for her family she really would .

Have a Great Friday 🙂

August 26, 2005 at 3:26 pm 5 comments

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