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One year Anniversary & My Lesbian pet

Well today marks the one year Anniversary of us buying and moving into this house 🙂 Happy Anniversary

It has been a productive day but my allergies and asthma are paying for it .I am highly allergic to dust and my asthma is allergy induced so FUN FUN for me I got smart today FINALLY and bought me some masks ..I had to wear one at work all day …lmao It was either look goofy wearing a Dr.’s mask all day or not be able to breathe ….needless to say I chose breathing It is amazing the looks and questions you get while wearing one ..People would ask me what was wrong and back up like they were going to catch something I came very very close to pinning a sign to myself saying ” I have allergy induced asthma ..I am not contagious ” Guppy said I should have told them all I was allergic to stupid questions Anyway ,we are in the home stretch of my house cleaning spree and my moms arrival .She arrives Thursday afternoon ,I am so excited 🙂 YEAH!!!

P.S. I think PetCo sold us a male guinea pig telling us it was female ..Because it is chasing the other female around trying to mount her ..Sooooo I either have a lesbian guinea or THEY SOLD ME A MALE!!!! OMG ..I will smooth trip if this is true …Everyone pray that I just have a freaky guinea pig and it it not male Prayer

Feeding Birds


June 28, 2005 at 9:37 pm 10 comments

Good Morning :)

Well all is going well in the storm household I just got done taking everything out of the fridge and bleaching it down …Man I need to do that more often .It was nasty ,embarassing ..I also cleaned the silverware drawer and bleached the drawer caddy ..I am going bleach crazy today You know I have tried so many cleaners .Some smell really good, and clean ,but it never feels as clean as something cleaned in bleach to me .Anyone else have that same issue?The guest room is coming along .Gups mom is turning her guest room into her home office and rearranging furniture from room to room ,so she gave us the bed from it and the dresser from her bedroom ..Woot !! My mother- in- law rocks !! Now my mom won’t be sleeping on an air mattress …lol Anyway I just thought I would give the ones that come and visit me regularly an update ..I thank everyone for your patience and I promise I will be to see all of you very soon .
I am off to fold some laundry and dust the living room 🙂

June 26, 2005 at 10:15 am 12 comments

Trendy Lunch ?


Well it started about two weeks ago .I started craving sushi big time .I was determined to eat some yesterday .Well we went over to his mom’s to see how the painting of her new home office was going and she was hungry as well ..So John and I and her and her man all went out for a nice dinner…A dinner minus sushi Soooooo today for lunch I got to craving it again and went to the Super Target .A friend of mine told me they had great sushi and man was she right ..It was awesome .I got a dragon roll .Oh to verify something …I eat fake sushi Not the raw fish kind .( I tried the raw kind once and it taste like chewing a fishy rubberband ) The only way I will eat it is if it has imitation crab meat in it .Anyway this one had the crab and carrots and avocado ..Oh man I am getting hungry again thinking about it .Anyway ,after getting my sushi I swung by the Starbucks that is inside the Target right as you leave A tall decaf Mocha frappachino was calling my name …lol .I was standing at the counter ordering ,sushi in hand , and Guppy is like ” I just can’t eat this trendy ” ..I was like “what ” ..and thought about it for a second and was like ..” You know it does seem kinda trendy doesn’t it ” .” I didn’t intend for it to be ,it just kind of happened that way ” . We get my frappa and head on over to Taco Cabana to get him some “not so trendy ” fajita nachos …lol I have no idea why I thought my lunch selection was blogable but hey ,what the heck right …lol Gotta blog about something for the day .Anyway , I am off to do some housework and to watch Hitch after Gup gets back …
Japanese Umbrella Hope everyone is having a great weekend !!!

June 25, 2005 at 7:12 pm 5 comments


Hahahaha it is so hot here I found myself today listening to “It’s cold outside ” by Jessica Simpson and Nick….Just to cool off …I love that song and it reminds me of the winter and Christmas …Maybe if I turn the air down enough I can pretend it is snowing out …lol Well I am sorry I have been away for a few days ..I think I am so use to working and writing out notes for people to do that it carried over to home …I wrote two pages of “honey we must do’s ” for Guppy and I to do before the 4th …stuff like wash the dog ,wash the car ,scrub out the fridge , sweep down driveway ..and on and on …lol Have I ever told you guys how very anal I am about my house ..especially when company is coming ? I like everything perfect ..having said that I am well aware that friends and family come to see you and not your house .lol I say I know that but you can not get my brain to register that if the house is not perfect everything will be ok I mean down to the most minute detail like dusting ceiling fans or wiping down around door knobs I am a freakkkkkkkkkkk …Can anyone say OCD? I think if I would allow myself to do so I would clean constantly …I do not of course allow that But it constantly bugs me while I am not cleaning …Anyway enough about that
I am going to finish listening to “Let it snow ” and get to checking some things off my list ….:) oh and btw I think the songs are working …lmao it is feeling a lil cooler in here .hahahhahaha !!! Have a great weekend All !!!!
oh wait.. P.S. The Complimenting Commenter has declared it “The Summer of Compliments”..and issued a challenge. The challenge is to give out 100 compliments to 100 others throughout the summer. It can be in the blog world or in the real world, it’s up to you. If you are for it, make your pledge in the comments section on the above linked page .Please stop by their site ( I am not sure if it is a he or she ) Anyway I agreed to post it on my blog as well and to participate …So if you would like to join us please feel free … ok NOW have a great weekend . Oh and my first compliment will be all of you that visit me regularly are awesome ..You are beautiful people and I am blessed to have met you 🙂

Oh and I forgot to also tell you that Tuesday Bo Bice’s single came out …
I would have never known that if I did not work retail and closely with the rep of the vendor that distributes the music to my company …He brought it to me before putting it out …wooo hooo I was excited ..The first song is the boring same song that Carrie has on hers, then Vehicle featuring Bon Jovi’s own Richie Sambora on guitar …Have any of you seen the cd yet ? Or atleast the cover ? Couild they have gotten a worse pic of him ?It is not very flattering at all …Geeeezzz anyway …lol I still love him ….Ok ..this time it is good bye and Have a great weekend for real time ….lmao

June 24, 2005 at 3:10 pm 8 comments

I have hijacked this site!

This is guppyman. As you may have noticed, my wife hasn’t had an update since Tuesday… I figured I’d hop on and let you all know that yes, she is still around, but we don’t have any time in the evenings right now. She doesn’t have the luxury that I do- she can’t sneak on and post from work…

We are preparing for her mom to come visit next Thursday, and getting the house ready for our annual 4th of July bar-b-q bash. So our evenings are filled with cleaning, yard work, gathering junk for a yard sale, etc… We also are trying to keep up with the amazing amout of TV shows our DVR has saved for us… 😉

Anyway- she didn’t abandon ya’ll… she’ll be on when she can.

June 24, 2005 at 9:48 am 7 comments

Yeahhhhhh I made it ….

Yeah I made it and actually got a 100% ,even through all the changes ….I was excited ,even got a high five from the store manager ….WOOT!!! I am so excited that all that lack of sleep and living at the store basically paid off …I came home today and took a 41/2 hour nap …lol I am hoping I wll be back to normal soon ..Now I have 9 days until my mother comes from Kentucky to visit …She has never been to Texas …I am super excited but have so much to do …We throw the annual fourth of July bash at our house every year …Last year it was like 6 days after we moved in to this new house ..Lmao That was a trick but we managed …It still had that hideous wallpaper that is shown on Guppy’s blog …lmao And we have changed soooo much since then ..Thank God …lol Included is an after shot of the painting we did …We did old world Italy in the dining room instead of whatever that other was suppose to represent Anyway I am excited to finally get family here to visit …I have been here three years and have had none come visit yet …Luckily we have been back home like 3 times .Ok well I am still sleepy and my thoughts are going all over the place and I feel like I am rambling …Plus I am starving and need to run to the grocery and pick something up to cook …A woman’s job is never done …

Here are some pics to enjoy …Let me know if you like the difference ..

Here is a pic of the wall in progress …ignore all the stuff in the pic still and the missing trim at the time I will have to post pics of the finished product soon …But in this you can atleast see the faux finish we did …
faux finish

the before pic of the built in ( man that green was awful )
built in before

and the built in after :
built in after

and there ya have it I hope you are all having a great day

June 21, 2005 at 6:10 pm 13 comments


Paper Work

Well It is definitely a Monday in every sense of the
Work was a I work in the back office of a major retail store and we are having a quarterly inspection tomorrow ..Well as far as my daily routine and documentation I keep that very up to date ..WELLLLLLL They decide to let us know THE DAY BEFORE the inspection that the company is wanting things done differently …Isn’t that lovely??? ..So I went in this morning at 7 am, got home at 5:30 pm, and I am going back in at about 7:30 ..working for a few hours and getting back up at 3 am to be there before 5am …I am going to be worn out …Hopefully I know my butt from a hole in the ground tomorrow during the whole thing
Anyway wish me luck …Since I will not be here tonight I will apologize for not doing my round of visits to you all 😦 …I will try and catch up very soon ….For now I will post some pics of my beautiful niece from my wedding ….also since Fathers Day was just yesterday I decided to throw in one of my Daddy with her ….Hope you all are having a better monday




June 20, 2005 at 6:31 pm 8 comments

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