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Kentucky Girl & Update on me

Well being a girl after my own heart.I just HAD to have her as this weeks tenant.I too, am from Kentucky and often wish I was living there now.It is a very beautiful state.Contrary to popular belief, all Kentucky women do not stay barefoot and pregnant…Some of use do aspire to do more then that.My tenant is from California but raised in Kentucky …lives in Cali now and wants to be back in Kentucky..I can not say that I blame her in the slightest.I love the country….

Today my poor tenant has the Blah Blah’s ….Can you go by and give her a little cheering up?


I went to see the Urologist yesterday and I am feeling very optimistic.I liked him a lot.He really put me at ease.For one by telling me he has seen bigger While all the other Dr.’s kept acting like it was the biggest they had ever seen.I have a mass of cysts ( he made me and Guppy look at them on the CT scan was freaky) That reach from right under my lungs ,fills my whole abdomen down to my uterus …It is pretty wild.It has my right kidney squished like a little pancake and my bowels are moved over to the side.It is pretty much taking up my whole abdomen and touching everything in there in one way or another.He is wanting to still figure out what it is coming off of…My Kidney,pancreas,etc…He has me scheduled for a MRI on monday.I take the disc from that to him Tuesday.I go Wednesday for pre OP procedures…EKG, blood pressure,blood work ,etc…and if that all comes out fine then on Monday the 13th of February ,I will go into the operating room for a “non-cutting surgery”, is what the Dr called it.He will put in a catheter (sp?) and run dye to my kidney and something else too I can’t remember.Luckily they will be putting me out for that lil bit of fun.Hopefully, soon we will get to the bottom of where exactly this thing is attached so we know better what to do with it.He did suggest that it could even be full of Urine.How gross is that? Talking about bloated to the max Wow what a story that will be if it is They are researching the possibility of drawing some fluid out with a needle.If that is going to happen …I really hope they knock me out for that one too.He did say that the general surgeon,the radiologist, his college, and himself have all looked at it, and discussed it, and it does not have cancerous characteristics.Praise God for that!!!!Soooo that is the update so far.Thanks for all the prayers.I know they are working because I have been surprisingly at peace …Knowing God is in control of everything.That is huge for me…I use to fear everything.God is doing a mighty work in me.I know that this will be used to Glorify his name…

Have a great Tuesday…I must go watch American Idol 🙂

Psssstttt don’t forget to go cheer up my tenant …Thanks !!!


January 31, 2006 at 6:55 pm 8 comments

You are my Strong Tower…

When I wander through the desert
And I’m longing for my home
All my dreams have gone astray
When I’m stranded in the valley
And I’m tired and all alone
It seems like I’ve lost my way

I go running to Your moutain
Where your mercy sets me free

You are my strong tower
Shelter over me
Beautiful and mighty
Everlasting King
You are my strong tower
Fortress when I’m weak
Your name is true and holy
And Your face is all I seek

In the middle of my darkness
In the midst of all my fear
You’re my refuge and my hope
When the storm of life is raging
And the thunder’s all I hear
You speak softly to my soul

Strong Tower
by Kutless
album: Strong Tower (2005)

( Guppy brought home these beautiful tulips yesterday after making a run to the store.Isn’t he the greatest 🙂
I wanted to post the lyrics to this song because it is so true.Through all this that I have been going through with my health…Jesus has been my strong tower,my fortress when I am weak…Thank you Lord.)

Thanks to all that have been and continue to pray …I will give an update on my Dr. visit tomorrow.

January 30, 2006 at 8:23 pm 6 comments

What a Goober!!!

Well I have no great story and I can’t decide what to write about so it is going to be another random thought post…

First off ..we were at the grocery store last night and I found out that Guppy has never had Smucker’s Goober before.I was shocked.Poor Guppy has been so deprived.He told me he has never been able to get anyone to buy it for him.Well being the loving wife that I am …I bought him some of course.(still wondering why he never bought any himself?) Do any of you remember this stuff?:

Next we are still trying to figure out how to teach lil one not to lie about EVERYTHING.That has been quite the task.She lied about a stupid nacho last night.
We still have not figured out why .Mainly because the answer to EVERYTHING for her is “I don’t know”. Apparently she “doesn’t know ” just about anything you ask her.

on a lighter note here are some phrases she used yesterday that we thought funny and odd.She says she just made them up herself.Who knows….

she said “I am will just get straight up evil on you” ( WTH?..we are very curious where that phrase come from.I am going to venture to guess she did NOT come up with that one alone.My guess would be a cartoon.

she said “she did not have one entire clue” ( she only had a partial clue

She was telling me that this little boy named Cooper was a “hottie”..I was like oh really …I asked her if she knew what it meant and she said it meant he was so funny …lol I asked her where she got that from and she said her aunt said cooper was a “hottie”.

I got my lab results back from my thyroid level testing and they were all in normal level range.WOOT, WOOT…Praise God for that.They said they were borderline high and he just wanted to see me in 3 months.Easy enough and a relief..

I go tomorrow to talk to the Urologist…please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

I am having a blast getting a care package ready for Brian and Matt.Brian said I would really make his day if I sent some homemade peanut butter fudge…Oh boy ..He would ask for something I have never made in my life ,nor do I have a recipe
Luckily my best friend’s grandmother has a recipe for some and she got that for me.
Nicole also made some very yummy oatmeal raisin cookies to send them.They are soooo good.Guppy is a very picky cookie eater and she had to make him his own little stash of them …Which he did not share at all I might
Anyway , I will be attempting this fudge today so we can get the box sent out tomorrow morning before I go to the doctor.Wish me luck.I am praying the fudge comes out perfectly.

Today we are going over to clean my MIL house and possibly shoot off lil ones rockets.If there is no wind we may just have blast off.

Oh yeah and I am counting down till my birthday …I will be turning 31 this Friday.We are going to have a birthday party on Saturday…I am excited.I have not had a birthday party since I moved here in 2002.I am all about the birthday parties:)

And last but most certainly NOT least…February 15th will mark my one year anniversary of my decision to quit smoking …Yeahhhhhh smoke free for a whole year.
I can say that I have felt so much better too…I have more energy and I most definitely smell and breathe better 🙂 YEAHHHHH ME!!!!!

January 29, 2006 at 10:52 am 19 comments

You know you grew up in the 80’s if….

80’s Kids….OMG I remember so much of this

You know you grew up in the 80’s if……

1. You’ve ever ended a sentence with the word “SIKE”.( ALL THE TIME…my brother and I STILL use this

2. You can sing the rap to the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and can do the
“Carlton.”( You know

3. Wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy.(lmao..yep spandex baby)

4. Two words: Hammer Pants.

5. You wore a ponytail on the side of your head.(of course)

6. You made your mom buy one of those clips that would hold your shirt
in a
knot on the side.

7. You wore stone washed Jordache jean jackets and were proud of it.

8. L.A.Gear….need I say more?

9. You remember reading “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and all the
Quimby books.

10. You know the profound meaning of “WAX ON, WAX OFF.”

11. You ever wore fluorescent clothing. (Some of us…head-to-toe).

12. You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose
off and his cheeks shifted.

13. You still get the urge to say “NOT” after every sentence.

14. You ever owned a pair of Jelly-Shoes (and probably in neon colors,
too).{I loooovvvvvveeed my jelly shoes..wore them everywhere}

15. After you saw “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” you kept saying “I know you
but what am I?

16. You remember “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

17. You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline

18. You ever got seriously injured on a Slip and Slide.

19. You have played with a Skip-It.(this is one of lil ones favorite toys even now)

20. You had or attended a birthday party at McDonalds.

21. You’ve gone through this nodding your head in agreement.

22. “Don’t worry, be happy.”

23. You wore, like, EIGHT pairs of socks over tights with high top
Reeboks.( heheheh that was me too)

24. You wore socks scrunched down (and sometimes still do).

25. You remember boom boxes.

26. You remember Alf, the li’l furry brown alien from Melmac.

27. You remember New Kids on the Block when they were cool.

28. You know all the words to Bon Jovi’s “SHOT THROUGH THE HEART.”

29. (You just sang those words to yourself.)

30. You remember watching Magic vs. Bird. Oh yeah…………it will
be that good again

31.Homemade Levi shorts… (The shorter the better.)

32. You remember when mullets were cool!

33. You had a mullet!

34. You still sing “We are the World.”

35. You tight rolled your jeans.( didn’t everyone? that was the way cool thing to do)

36. You owned a banana clip.

37. You remember “Where’s the Beef?

38. You used to (and probably still do) say “What you talkin’ ’bout

39. You had big hair and you knew how to use it.

40. You’re still singing “Shot through the Heart” in your head, aren’t

Hey Don’t forget to go clik on Stormii’s renter…Tell her Jon Bon sent ya !!! Rock on !!

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Be thankful for what you have ….EVERYDAY!!

I really had a huge reminder of the fact that we all should be thankful for what we have …each and every day.The fact that we should not sweat the small stuff…And really in the big scheme of it all .It usually is all small stuff.The fact that we should not go to bed angry.We should not hold grudges or judge someone for choices they may have made…causing you and that person to no longer be on speaking terms.ESPECIALLY when it comes to family.

You see …one of my managers at work just lost her daughter a few days ago.She was shot and killed.The girl was only 19.Her life had basically just begun.She had two precious lil girls.One only 6 months old.She had just got to expierence the joy of watching her baby girl learn to crawl last week.Her other little girl is 2 …Her birthday is today.The eve of her mothers viewing.They have so far ruled the shooting to be an accident.The story is that her boyfriend was cleaning his gun and it went off …shooting and killing this 19 year old mom.The baby was sitting beside her on the couch when her mom was shot.Praise God that baby was not hurt.My manager ,as can be expected, is beside herself.I can not even begin to fathom how it would feel to loose a child to anything,let alone an accident like that.CPS has the girls now.Apparently,this is normal for things like this.We are praying that my manager(the grandmother)will get them.I can not even imagine what those two little girls are feeling right now.whisked away to a strange place with strange people.

You see…just last year,this manager did not know where her daughter was,nor the grandkids.They were not on speaking terms for whatever reason.I heard that she did not like the boyfriend but that was not ever confirmed to me personally.It does not really matter the reason.What is reality now is that her oldest daughter is dead and time was lost over anger or bitterness.I encourage each and everyone of you to look at maybe some situations of anger or bitterness and think to yourself “Is this really worth loosing precious time over”.None of us know when it is our time.Noone knows when God will call us home.We can however, make the most of this life and what he has blessed us with while we are here.

God Bless each of you and please help lift up this family in prayer.They are all in need of comfort and peace that only the Lord can give.

January 26, 2006 at 7:20 pm 7 comments

Can I have some sour cream with that ?

Man it is 6:13 and I am starving…I really should start eating lunch later then I do.I eat at 11:00 ..well a little after, and by dinner time I am starving.I am craving this so badly :

Tonight we are ordering some of these and Gup is gonna go pick them up.That way we can get all cozy and settle in to eat the yummy ,yummy goodness of fajitas while watching some more people make fools of themselves on American Idol.

It is looking like it might just be a relaxing night.My lower back is hurting and I am going to relax on the heated massager after dinner.

I also wanted to let all of this guys fans:

know that his Cd came out today…Do you remember Marty Casey from Rock Star Inxs?You know the mad conductor?He is kind of strangely HOT!In that weird mad conductor sort of way that

His bands album “lovehammers” ( not so sure what is up with his bands name )
features the beloved song “trees”.I was listening to it at work today so I have it stuck in my head It is a very catchy song.

come on everyone ..sing along with me..”It’ll be ….and me….up… THE …Treessssssssssssssss…And the forrest will give us the answers ….wait …we are make believe a world we rule together…..

January 24, 2006 at 6:11 pm 10 comments

God is good all the time,all the time God is good !!

Well God is faithful that is for sure.I know I have had so many people praying for me and I appreciate it so much.Everyone has been such a blessing.I went to see the Endocronologist( I am sure I did not spell that right at all ) today to hear what he had to say about my thyroid testing.He has told me that it is in no way shape or form cancer ( Praise you Jesus) and that they do not need a biopsy and he will not put me on meds even , unless the blood work he sent off today shows either low or elevated thyroid counts.He told me that sometimes after a CT scan the iodine they use in the dye injection will interfere with your thyroid and it could have my levels off.He said that if it was low that he would have to get me on meds especially before I go into surgery.I am just so thankful and relieved.I am thanking the Lord for all my blessings for sure.Thank you to each of you that have kept me in your thoughts or prayers.I wanted you to know how much I truly appreciate it.Please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers ..I go to see the Urologist(sp?) about this kidney cyst on monday.

I also wanted to direct you to a site of a beautiful and talented singer.She goes to our church and has just put out a cd called Unfaded …You can sample her music on her site ….She has a very awesome voice …Go check her out..You won’t be sorry!!

January 23, 2006 at 9:11 pm 9 comments

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