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Baby Medusa

Little one woke up this morning all bright eyed and medusa looking Her hair was so cute and messed up I had to take a few pics . Grandma ( my mother- in- law ) bought her this My twinn doll a few years ago .They are very cool actually .You pick out eye color ,send in a clipping of the child’s hair to match it up I think she looks a lot like her doll …. ( I will give you more info about the doll in my next post )

7-31-05 019

She woke up in a great mood and ready to play on daddies computer . She plays this game called spider which from what I gather is a lot like solitaire . This child is smart as a whip . I didn’t learn to play this until a few years ago and she is all over it ..

7-31-05 021

Isn’t she so cute 🙂

This hair is classic She is so gonna hate me for this when she gets older …

7-31-05 020


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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Ok you know I really went in to the movie expecting to hate it .Depp on the previews was creeping me out.I normally do NOT like Tim Burton’s stuff.I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed it . I think Depp was fabulous in this movie .It was a movie that made you feel like a kid again ..It made me want to jump in and swim in the river of chocolate ,ride in a big pink boat through a tunnel while sipping chocolate ,and frolic in an edible wonderland .It was very cool for me 🙂 I recommend going to see it .I am disturbed however at the the previews they chose to show before the movie .Very inappropriate for young children in my opinion .

chocolate river

edible wonderland

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Ding Dong “Cappy ” is gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updates below !!!

Just the name Cappy annoys the piss out of me .That whole side annoys the piss out of me .Never has a season of Big Brother got me so fired up . How can these people be so ignorant . Maggie for starters has not figured out that her whole side voted against her and that the whole side she is fighting to get out voted to keep her in . ARGGGG These people are ignorant . Sarah and her flip floppin ass is getting on my nerve to .I would not trust her or James as far as I could throw them as far as an alliance . As long as Kaysar and Janelle stay I will be a happy camper …If those two leave before the rest, it will not be worth watching for me .To me they are the only two intelligent people on that show . The rest of them can all go one by one for all I care .

Why oh Why did Maggie of all people have to get HOH ….It is always sad when you have an ignorant ,irrational woman in power like that . And can someone please stuff a sock in Ivettes mouth …geeeez that woman’s voice grates on my last nerve .
NOt that I am bitter or anything …lmao Man I am so annoyed …..I can not wait untill Thursday .Apparently according to the live feeds Sarah has won the veto and is trying to play it off like she may not use it ..WHATEVER do you think these people were born yesterday ? Why would she not save her own boyfriend
Morons …..Ok I am done now …

Update : Howie is now calling “that ” side Crappy Crunch …lmao

Edited to add these pics of tv’s best eye candy right now ( these are from the live feed so are not the best pics but he still looks good :

him in a towel …mmmmmmmmm 🙂 :


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The new shower curtain

Well as Guppy talked about in this post . I have the decorating bug again . I have been itching to redecorate the main bathroom in this house since we moved in . The fact that the room already had the shower curtain and bath rugs and wall paper border up and it all matched ,I left it for a bit until I could figure out what I wanted . We both hate it though, so now is the time for a change in there . A few months ago we were out shopping around and stopped in to Bed Bath and Beyond and I found a shower curtain I really liked.I thought ,well I will think about this for a bit ( the curtain was $50.00) and see what I can come up with to compliment my shower curtain . So I spent months thinking about colors for the walls,rug colors , accessories all the way down to the proper shower curtain hooks and new hardware on the cabinets . I had it all planned out in my head and I was convinced and ready to go spend $50.00 on this shower curtain .I think that is a lot of money to spend on a shower curtain myself so I needed backup My mother-in-law likes decorating as much as I do and we both value each others opinion in the process as well . We were out looking for some accessories for her new office and some things to put on her bakers rack in her kitchen, so I asked her to stop by with me and check out this shower curtain . We get there and we do not see it ..I was like No way is this happening I had the whole room planned out in my head after months of thinking this thing out and it has been discontinued …Well doesn’t that just figure …So we find a salesperson and I start describing the shower curtain to them ..I get a blank stare like” hey lady who cares about a stupid shower curtain that I have never heard of ” …I get pushed off on three different people before this lady tells me to go see this bald guy in drapes that’s helping a customer . Well we get there and wait for him ( he wasn’t even close to bald by the way ) I must have looked /sounded desperate for this curtain because he took pity on me and walked over to see one that I said was similar and then got online and brought up the website and started going through for me until we found it …YEAH not so bald BB&B guy !!! He found out it was discontinued but showed me what stores had them and how many . I was excited , can you tell All this over a friggen shower curtain even . Just so you all know , I do not usually get this excited over a shower curtain ok …lol I Do however get something in my head and freak slightly when my plan or whatever gets a kink thrown in Especially when I have planned for months and got my heart set on it . Soooooooo for the next few days I thought ok is this the one …For sure . I mean it IS $50.00 for a damn shower curtain and all ..I could probably find a cheaper one and design a room just as cute I’m sure . We had seen a very cute one on our shopping trip with his mom that only cost $10.00.I tried to plan that bathroom possiblilty in my head but I kept coming back to the one I had spent so much time on . I finally said that’s it …I am getting that curtain and going with it . We drove up and barely got there before they closed, and grabbed it ..On the way back we get stuck in construction traffic .GRRRRR It was approaching 10 pm before we got home that night so it gave me a lot of time to now second guess if I had done the right thing ..I know you are probably thinking wow she thinks way to much about a damn shower curtain Truth is I love doing interior decorating and I do think on it to much I am sure ,but the end result is always awesome ,so it is well worth it .Guppy decides to hang it and see what we think .I think I made the right choice .I really did like it after it was hanging in our bathroom. I ran out the next day and got some paint chips …lol I am so ready to do this .I think we have the perfect color picked we are just playing with shades of that color now …Can’t figure out if maybe we should go a little darker or a little lighter but we will get there . I know that they now have little sample paints that you can buy to take home and try . I may get a few shades and paint a stripe or two on the wall and see what we think . I am just happy that it is finally coming together 🙂
If you are at all curious now as to what the famous curtain looks like you can see it here . I will take pics of the process as well as we start the project ..( I should have taken pics while the old curtain was up) …Anyway I will keep you posted . 🙂
Have a Great Saturday People !!!!!!

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Technique Friday

It has been a crazy ,crazy week at work .I am so very glad it is Friday finally .WOOOO HOOOO!!! If anyone calls …I am not home ..hehehehe .

Ok on with the weekend ,starting with this weeks technique from my lil book .For those of you that have not been here since the beginning of these postings ,I am posting each Friday from a book called 302 advanced techniques for driving a man wild in bed by Olivia St Claire .This is purely for entertainment value ..But ,take from it what you will 🙂

Last week I posted of the shaving ceremony for the men .This week it is for the ladies :)WOOT!!
Technique #268:
“Shaving Ritual for her . Lipstick 4
Present him with a hand -lettered invitation to your virgin shaving ritual.Designate a time
and place and provide instructions that include his being naked ( he’ll feel more vulnerable that way and will take greater care with the delicate operation ).Assemble all the materials for him ( with the addition of the camera ) and make the atmosphere as cushy,safe,and resplendent as you desire. You may want to bathe first to make your hair soft and easy to remove . At the end of the ceremony , ask to take a photo of your bare beauty that he can keep tucked away very deeply( yeah hopefully VERY deeply ) in his wallet . “

Ok if this is a ritual for US why do we have to bring all the materials ? He didn’t have to when it was his ritual …lol what’s up with that . Also why didn’t we get a pic to tuck in our wallets? I think we got ripped off here ladies . Tongue Out

UPDATE : Ok I was doing my blog visits and first on my list is -E and she had a link so hilarious I had to grab it and share …lol I hope she doesn’t mind .Go read her post and then check out this link .

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Guppyman’s Birthday !!!!!!!!!


Happy 33rd Birthday punkin . I love you so much . I thought about posting all my mushy setiments on my blog for the world to see but you know what , I will save that for just you 🙂

Enjoy your day darlin …….

Birthday Song

Here is Guppy being Guppy


Him looking all sweet and innocent 🙂


and a kiss for the birthday boy 🙂


I am writing this post tonight before bed because I know I will probably not get a chance to do it on his birthday tommorrow July 27th 2005 …So everyone visting …why don’t you hop on over to Guppy’s place and wish him a happy one 🙂

July 26, 2005 at 11:02 pm 10 comments

Are you sure it is not Monday

Does this sound even remotely familiar to anyone else :

person 1:” What do you want to eat ?”

person 2:” I don’t know what do YOU want to eat ”

person 1 :” I don’t know , what sounds good to you ?”

person 2 : ” I don’t care , what sounds good to you ?”

We are both starving yet we sit here having this conversation …lol
This is ALL the time unless I am cooking dinner and I give him no choice …
I need to go to the grocery ,but for tonight it is going to be take out but at this rate who knows what or when …lmao

Anyone got any good ideas ? I may be here awhile withering away to nothing ( yeah right …As IF !!!!)

July 26, 2005 at 6:16 pm 5 comments

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