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Rita Evacuation Part 1

I know it has been awhile since my last post, but ,man oh man I have been wore plum out .So has Guppy and he had to go back in to work today 😦 We have learned that work doesn’t give you rest from a 60 hour long evacuation .Most places are already back to business as usual while some of us are trying to get rested up enough to function .One thing I will say about this evacuation I know the inside of my car like the back of my hand now but seriously I know some of you are wanting to hear the story of the adventure we just had so here is my version of what happened.Thank you all for all of your thoughts and prayers 🙂 It was truly appreciated more then you will ever know .

We started talking Tuesday about were we would go and that we definately were going to evacuate if Rita had not changed course by Wednesday .Guppy called around and made sure each member of his family that was in town had a plan and if not he helped give them one .We made sure his 85 year old Grammy got out of there via our brother-in-law.We were not about to leave it up to the assisted living community she lived in to evacuate her and I do not suggest anyone ever does.We both took wednesday off of work and started packing and planning and making the last minute phone calls.I can tell you this ,I was on a huge emotinal rollercoaster .I was scared and I prayed ,I prayed for God to take the fear from me and help me to have faith that it would be ok no matter what .After alot of prayer I did have faith that God was in control and that no matter what happened ,if God forbid I had no house left that he had a plan that HE was in control and it would somehow ,someway, be ok .Well then I went through being excited that we were going to get to go see family unexpectedly .I had never met my less then a year old nephew and my two brand new twin baby cousins so I convinced myself that this was a good thing or atleast we could make the best out of a bad situation .I do not know how many of you have ever had to walk around your house and decide what you would take and not want demolished in case of this or that …but that is a very very strange feeling .To know that you may never come back to what you know is home .It is not even the materialistic things it really wasn’t .It was the memories we had made together in this home .Thankfully Guppy is always my voice of reason and told me that memories are in our minds and hearts and no one or nothing can take that away .I love that man.I grabbed our wedding album ,lil ones baby book ,a small rubbermaid tote that I use for scrapbooking supplies and filled it with loose photos.and packed almost all the clothes we own hind sight that was a bad idea We only needed a weekd worth of clothes if even ….It took up wayyyyyyy to much trunk room ,room we could have used for food, cooler and stuff so that we were not SO crowded up in the seats.Anyway we took his work laptop and this laptop and the tower to his pc .I know alot may be thinking who cares its a pc you can replace it but it has ALOT of pics we didn’t want destroyed and we had already broke the pcs down and didn’t have time to burn them to cd’s .I also suggest everyone keeps pics burned to cd’s regularly and keep them in a place you can grab and go .Other then a cooler with drinks and sandwich stuff that is all we took .Well little one was given a back back and told she could fill it with special things and was able to take two dolls that are special to her and the blanket that grandma made .I called my mom and bawled like a baby as I was overcome with emotion after packing up the car and getting ready to say goodbye to everything we had ,maybe for the last time .I was heartbroken for all that had suffered Katrina and come back to nothing .I was telling my mom ….”I can not even imagine how those people that came back to nothing felt when I still have my home and it is killing me now to say goodbye “It was a feeling and emotion that I can not really describe with words ,it really was ……


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Safe in KY

Safe, tired, going to bed.

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Guppy and Storm are evacuating .

Well the time has come with this Hurricane Rita that we must evacuate .I am still praying it fizzle but taking precation .We are heading to my parents house in Ky very very early tomorrow morning .Please help us pray for safe travel and again still for Gods mercy from Rita .We will be packing and boarding today so that everything is ready to go .All we have to do tomorrow is hop in the car and pray…Thank you all for all the prayers and continued prayers ..I love you all and will try my best to keep you all updated from moms ..I am taking the laptop and they have cable ..yeahhh!!!

Thank you all and talk to you all soon 🙂

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Hurricanes and Babies

So at work today they call all of us in to a meeting and tell us to get our evacuation plan in order .That we are pretty much going to have to get the heck out of dodge and all that .Well I am from Kentucky as some of you already know before that I was raised in Las Vegas …So needless to say I have never been through a major hurricane .The year before last we had a cat one come through named Claudette ..That was basically kind of fun ..We got off work early and got some really cool flooded road pics but nothing got major damage so all was good .Well this time they are thinking it is not going to be so good .So needless to say I was a weee bit freakin out .If it gets to the point where we are going to have evacuate we have to go board the MIL’s house up because she is away in Romania right now and can not even be reached .That sucks for two reasons ..For one she is right on the water and I really worry about her house so I am praying it is ok .Second We spend almost our whole weekend over there scrubbing and cleaning.Anyway we also have to get his Grammy and his neice …His sister and her hubby have to stay here because they are emergency personnel .His sister is a 911 dispatcher and her hubby is a firefighter .So we will need to go get their daughter .We are thinking about getting them early and running them up to his other sisters and then coming back for the two dogs and our lil one .We will either go on to his Dads which is 4 hours inland or Kentucky which is about 20 hours from here .His dad may still be away in Minnesota at a wedding .Guppy said, “well we can go just break a window” it would be cheaper to buy a window then to get a hotel .I think we should just drive on out to my parents house in KY myself ..I am praying and asking for prayers that the storm fizzles and we all remain safe.

On to much greater news …My aunt gave birth to twin babies today.That is such cool news 🙂 She had one girl and one boy …one weighing 5 lbs 10 oz and the other 5 lbs 3 oz I think that is pretty big for twin babies isn’t it ?Anyway she has MS so this is great that she carried them to full term and they are so healthy..Truly some of God’s great work.She is doing good and so are the babies ….
Andrea Danielle and Zachariah Daniel

Thank you all in advance for your thoughts and prayers.

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The longest Saturday

Man, I just had the busiest Saturday that I have had in a very very long time.We woke up and got showered and ready, off to church for the kick off party of the kiddies Christmas program .That was cool and lil one enjoyed it.Then we had to run home and get some stuff ready for the post office.We then ran to the post office,dropped lil one off at her mothers house ,went to subway to get lunch then ran back over to his moms for another day of cleaning .Man I am realizing day by day that her house is a lot larger then I ever thought .I knew it was big ,but you don’t realize how big and how much stuff she has until you are the one cleaning it and dusting it all Anyway we were on day two and spent four hours there .Then we had to run home and get showered and ready for church.So off to church we went at 6:00 ,my friend from last week met us there 🙂 I was excited .It is cool to have a friend from work attending church with me.After church we came home and decided to run out and try and find some good potpourri to replace his moms older stuff .We ran to the mall to the Yankee Candle store ( one of my very favorite stores) only to find a bunch of new candles but no useable potpourri.All they had was the huge stuff which wouldn’t work in the little baskets that we are putting it in .There is always this kiosk in that mall that has like homemade potpourri but of course they were NOT there yesterday .We were bummed but kept looking .We went to Kirklands and found some wonderful smelling sachets .One is seaspray which will work for her bathrooms .The other we had to grab some for us as well ,it was orange clove ..mmmmmm it smells yummy.Ok, so we realize we were going nowhere in our lil potpourri quest and we were getting hungry so we head to Cracker Barrel..but…..On the way we see a new huge dollar store open so we go to check it out .It was nice ..very big and clean .I realized it is a decent scrap booking supply place .That is always a good find .Well I bought me some gummy worms and off we went to eat.We both ordered breakfast and ate for less then $14.00 I was very impressed.We get home from all that at 10:00 pm .Well, a few weeks ago I became a prayer warrior at church and committed to praying for the church for one hour a week and my hour happens to be from 11:00 pm till midnight on Saturdays .I was so wore out so I laid on the couch and took a twenty minute nap before going in to pray. Guppy had a little bit of a time waking me up but I did ..I got up and went in to pray ..and yeahhhhh I made it through till midnight 🙂 After that though …it was off to dreamland finally …..

So …how was your Saturday ?

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Confessions and inner thoughts of a tipsy lunch date/Sexual sandwich wrap

Well what a week .On TV and otherwise…I am so excited to see who wins HOH tonight on BB6.Survivor started last night and man they put those people through some hell.Anyway I won’t go into great detail about the shows …You can see that on Guppy’s page .

Today Guppy was off because his boss decieded that he has worked hard and needed a day off with pay ( Go Guppy’s boss …I need a boss like that ) So anyway I ran out of hours at work so I had to leave early …Yeahhhh!!!!, I love leaving early on a friday .Anyway ,Guppy and I go to Chili’s for lunch …not because they have great food but because it was close and we were starving.So we go in and sit down and order ..all is good …we are on the non crowded side ( my favorite) ..when this group of three women come in and WTF ..they sit them right and I mean RIGHT behind us ..Um hello there are like a hundred tables further from us why the one breathing right down my neck?Anyway I not being my usual self,orders a drink I never do that ,because ..well for one,I do not drink often at all, and two ,that I think they are way over priced… but anywho …Back to the bitches behind us I start getting a little buzzed very quickly because I am a lightweight and I am not talking about the size of my ass I am talking my tolerance for alchohol intake And this chick behind me tells the waitress ..Is it because we are right by this fan or is it always so cold in here .The waitress tells her “I don’t know ,it is hot to be bacause I have been in and out of the kitchen ,it’s always hot to me.” “But I will see if I can get someone to turn the fan down for you.” WEll they get a guy to come turn it off ..OFF I say .Well being in the slightly tipsy state I was in ..lmao I was being loud apperantly according to Guppy ..He kept laughing at me but was telling me to shhhhh and drop it because he thought I was about to start scrappin I guess .But I was like “Oh man it’s hot in here …Um waiter can you bring me my own personal fan please ? Or perhaps a window unit air conditoner?” >..lmao I mean If I had one more drink in me I would have turned around and said ..Um, excuse me bitches, but we were here first and it is hotter then fuckin Hades outside and I would appreciate it if you leave the fuckin fan alone…fuck you very much . But those were just my thoughts and I thought it best not to voice those out loud …lol Untill we got in the car…geeeezzzz and them bitches were demanding shit and special order me this and can you do this for me .I was like …who the hell made ya’ll the Queens of fuckin Sheeba today .Anyway as bitter as I may sound in this post it was pretty damn funny at the time ..I was laughing so hard at the resturant I was crying .Guppy was laughing and telling me to drink up …lol It was the most fun we had on a lunch date in awhile .I won’t repeat the whole conversation or all the thoughts I had But geeeez ,some people .

We are about to head over to the MIL to get started on the initial clean of the house .This is going to be the hardest part so we wre going to double team it .My husband Rocks !!!Also I was posting the sexual techniques on fridays awhile back and have totally spaced them until today so I am sorry for those that were getting a kick out of them and here is tip number 239 for this week ….

Have any extra sandwich wrap left after making a huge holiday dinner?Well I have just the thing for it ……

Wrap yourself tightly in plastic wrap so that your nipples strain against the sheer bonds.Invite your lover to unwrap you slowly,tie your hands behind your back with the crumply plastic,and eat you up .

If anyone tries this let me know …rotflmao

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What a week, what a week !!

Well things are going great for me this week .It started out as you well know if you read Guppy’s page with me making my hubby’s day by giving him some head first thing in the morning 🙂 Thank God ( Thank you Lord ) that I also married a very oral person who can’t get enough.( he more than returned the favor the following morning btw….My last marriage was without that and I thought for years and years I was doomed to live a life of no kissing unless it was the very few minutes of foreplay and no oral sex except on my birthday …I mean how sad is that ? Don’t you feel sorry for me?I felt sorry for myself I tell ya

Not to change the subject but right when I started my post I seen my friend from Mississippi that I have been wondering about pop online .I had to stop and see what was up and make sure everything was fine .The whole family is doing fine .They had downed trees and power lines and had no power for a week .Other then that they are doing great.I am very relieved to hear the news and wanted to share it with all of you .Thanks for any and all prayers 🙂

Today is just going to be a potpourri of topics I am super excited today that I got accepted for a second job .I know that is going to sound totally insane to most but I really am .My MIL has agreed to hire me on as her housekeeper .She has been wanting one for like two years I think but hasn’t been real comfortable with a stranger just coming and going in her house .I do not mind cleaning and am very good at it if I do say so myself .So I know it seems weird to be excited about cleaning …especially someone else’s house but this is going to help us out financially and it will help my MIL out as well .She is constantly running and doing for either work or family ,she travels a lot also .This way she can come home to a clean house and will have time on her hands to organize what she has been wanting to .I think it is just working out all around …..

And last and certainly least I know you are going to say TMI for sure but I got my DOT today and I am craving chocolate so badly I would probably be willing to take it away from a baby at this point I know that is bad .If anyone is willing to e-mail me some chocolate feel free…I also accept homemade goodies

Anyway I have rambled enough and Big Brother is starting so I must be going now 🙂 Have a great week all !!!!!

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