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Well it has been a good weekend .Despite the fact I feel like I have had cotton balls shoved up my nostrils again.I got the pleasure of getting lil ones cold :)Oh joy of joys Let’s see ohhh and despite the fact that yesterday we went to watch lil one practice for her play next week and while leaving I fell flat on my face.Oh that was fun …..not .I was sooooooooooo embarrassed.All I could do it get up cry and run off from everyone as fast as I could.Oh man I felt stupid.I am blaming it on being so sick and my head being swimmy (is that even a ,it looks funny ) Oh well is now..lmao oh yeah and the slop in the floor that I tripped over.My friend told me atleast you did it at church and not at work where everyone would have laughed at you Which is very true.Lil one went to the Nutcracker ballet with gramma ( Mighty Mite) and we went to church and then Guppy ,my friend from work that I will call Mrs.Backe ( she loves Brandon Backe) and I went to a walk through Bethlehem which was sooo awesome.We have never been but have wanted to go for several years now.I would totally recommend it to everyone. We also went to the drive through one after that .That was pretty cool also ,but would have been alot cooler had we not just done the walk through one .The walk through was very interactive which was very cool .We got to pet a camel ,a donkey and some sheep.We are going to take the lil one tommorrow I bet she will have a blast. She just watched the Gospel of John a few weekends ago so to be in that scene will be very cool for her I think.

Well we are half way through the Survivor finale and had to stop to eat some Did anyone else get hungry for chicken after watching that ? Anyway, we made dinner and now we are off to see if it is Steph or Danni that takes home the million.I like them both so I am happy either way.


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